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Enterprise Architecture Framework: Basics and Ideas for Selection

Author :Yahaya Abd.Rahim, Nurhizam Safie
Subject Heading :General [Browse more..]
Information Techonology [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 2, Issue 3, pg. 37-46
Date of Publication :2017/12/31
Publisher :MALTESAS
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In creating undertaking engineering, it needs to get or build up an EA system for big business design. There is an assortment of systems that can be used for the advancement of big business engineering. Suitable utilize and choice of the correct EA system will quicken and encourage the advancement of engineering, guaranteeing that the entire scope of outline arrangements and guaranteeing that chose design will encourage future improvement because of business needs. This paper means to give a review of how to pick EA Framework.

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