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Transformerless Version of the Class E Low dv/dt Resonant Rectifier

Author :Syawaliah Mohd Ludin, Asyiatul Asyikin Jamry, Rania Mahfooz
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Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 1, Issue 2, pg. 28-35
ISSN/ISBN :0127-6271
Date of Publication :2016/12/28
Publisher :MALTESAS
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A transformerless version of the Class E resonant low dv/dt rectifier is analyzed and experimentally tested. The circuit contains two resonant components: a capacitor and inductor. It is driven by a sinusoidal voltage source whose amplitude must be controlled to obtain a constant- voltage output. The diode capacitance is absorbed into the resonant capacitance and the leakage inductance of the isolation transformer and lead inductances are absorbed into the resonant inductance. Therefore, the rectifier is suitable for high-frequency applications such as resonant dc-to-dc converters. Equations governing the circuit operation are derived using Fourier techniques. Experimental results are obtained at 1 MHz and an output power of 10 W. The design equations show good agreement with the measured circuit performance.

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