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Cultures and Traditions in The Ilokano Sayings

Author :Marilyn Somera Luzano
Subject Heading :Language [Browse more..]
Literature [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 3, Issue 1, pg. 12-18
ISSN/ISBN :0127-6271
Date of Publication :2018/04/30
Publisher :MALTESAS
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The research was conducted to identify the sayings that the Ilokanos so much believed in; know what cultures and traditions are reflected in the Ilokano sayings; determine whether these sayings are still being applied in the lives of the respondents; and know if these could serve as the anchor in believing their cultures and traditions. The researcher first made a survey method using the purposive sampling technique in gathering Ilokano sayings. The data were gathered by means of a questionnaire. Frequency count and weighted mean were used as the statistical tools in analyzing the data. Based on the result of the research conducted: 1. The sayings that were so much believed in by the Ilokanos are the following: “A mature person always put his feet on the ground and foresee his next step” (Ti tao nga ulbod madintu pulus mapagtalkan); “Even it pours a gold of bars, if you are a lazy man, you could not pick anything at all” (Uray agtudo ti balitok nu ti tao ket sadot madinto pulos makapidot; Iti utang mabayadan, ngem ti naimbag a nakem saan); “A person who does not have debt of gratitude will never be successful in life” (Ti dina ammo a taliawen  ti naggapuanna, saan a makadanon ti papananna). 2. The cultures and traditions that are reflected in these sayings are: not forgetting where he/she came from; being responsible; being industrious; more prudent towards other people; being helpful and unselfish; being thrifty; being honest; being respectful; and being hardworking. 3. The Ilokano sayings are being applied in their everyday life by practicing their culture and tradition freely. 4. The Ilokano sayings they so much believed in also become the basis of their honorable and progressive living.

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