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Strategies to Improve the Procurement Method of Local Authorities in Malaysia

Author :Maryadi Hasan, Dani Salleh
Subject Heading :Public Service [Browse more..]
Law [Browse more..]
Sociology [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 3, Issue 2, pg. 72-83
ISSN/ISBN :0127-6271
Date of Publication :2018/08/27
Publisher :MALTESAS
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Local Authorities (LAs) are now facing many challenges in conducting their business with rapid development in social, economic and political matters. The ability to deal with current problems and preparedness challenges is estimated to differ from one LA to another LAs. LAs with financial leadership, visionary, strategic planning and systematic action and strong community support will be better prepared for the challenges instead of becoming weak in financial administration and can effectively face problems in their area. LA is also facing challenges as a self-financing organization. Thus, LAs needs a sufficient income to support operational activities and provision of services to the public. However, limited finances are always a major barrier to LAs that are often discussed by many previous studies. Without adequate financial resources, it is difficult for LAs to fulfil their obligations as a service provider and facilitate socio-economic growth for its administrative area. Therefore, efforts to strengthen LAs results are effective through effective procurement strategies. To obtain such information, surveys were conducted on LA in Malaysia, where 240 questionnaires were distributed to the relevant departments. The findings of the survey show that the LAs in Malaysia have moderate experience, knowledge and awareness on Private Finance Initiative procurement methods, and the private sector involvement method often used by LAs in Malaysia is the Complete Public Sector Delivery, Traditional Contract, followed by Management Contract or services Contract. Finally, this study will make recommendations to the LAs to explore in their procurement strategies.

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