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Sales Revenue Performance in B2B Distributor of Automotive Aftermarket Product

Author :Novia Sutanto, Filda Rahmiati, Siska Purnama Manurung
Subject Heading :International Economy [Browse more..]
Local Economy [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Journal in Business, Management and Tourism (MJBMT) [Browse more..], Vol. 1, Issue 1, pg. 1-9
Date of Publication :2018/07/02
Publisher :MALTESAS
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The research analyses the sales revenue performance indicated by pricing, order acceptance, and scheduling of PT RB. This research is conducted based on data of PT RB Automotive Aftermarket with the biggest distributor, PT FJM, with total of 80 data provided by the company. The data of this research which consists of available and active material parts from 2012 to 2016 are qualified to be tested after meeting the classical assumptions tests for testing the multiple linear regression with least square equation model. Hypothesis testing using t-test and f-test for testing the level of significance value of 5%. The result shows that pricing, order acceptance, and scheduling delivery have significant influence toward sales revenue partially as well as simultaneously. The contribution of pricing, order acceptance, and scheduling on sales revenue is 66.6% while the remaining 33.4% distribution is affected by other factors which are not included in this research. The recommendations for PT. RB are they need to implement strategy for pricing suitable for distributors and transparency of price. It is also important to persuade distributors the benefit of scheduling delivery. For future researchers need to explore more of other factors contribute to sales revenue.

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