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The Use of Information Technology in Electoral Systems

Author :Hussain Syed Gowhor
Subject Heading :General [Browse more..]
Information Techonology [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 2, Issue 3, pg. 1-16
Date of Publication :2017/12/31
Publisher :MALTESAS
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Abstract. This article puts forward the best uses of information technology (IT) in the key activities of an electoral system in the light of extant literature in this field. The electoral system has been divided into twelve major components where the casting of the vote has been proposed to be the central part of the system while the remaining eleven components have been proposed to be the ancillary components of the system.  The proposed uses of IT have universal applicability irrespective of the type of electoral system adopted in a particular country. The issue of the application of IT in the components of the electoral system has been examined against six dimensions, viz., the burning desideratum, key role of IT, choosing the most viable IT solution, how the IT Solution will address the desideratum, key risk factors associated with the IT solution and key risk mitigation strategy.

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