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Correlation between EFL Proficiency and Critical Thinking Skills in Reading among EFL Learners (A Case Study at Universitas Brawijaya)

Author :Esti Junining
Subject Heading :General [Browse more..]
Type :Journal Article
Source :MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO) [Browse more..], Vol. 2, Issue 1, pg. 39-45
ISSN/ISBN :0127-6271
Date of Publication :2017/05/10
Publisher :MALTESAS
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EFL Proficiency still becomes a necessity either for academic or career development. However, some research results indicated that the EFL proficiency of the EFL learners is still low. Many things have been done to increase the EFL learners’ proficiency. Regarding this, the present study is intended to find the correlation between intelligence EFL proficiency and critical thinking skills (CTS) among pre-advanced EFL learners in the Faculty of Cultural Studies. Thirty five respondents are taken as the samples of the study. All of the respondents are further being given a test on critical thinking skills in reading and a test on EFL proficiency respectively. The scores of EFL proficiency are taken from the English students records. All of the results of scores are analyzed using Pearson Product Moment Coefficient Correlation. On the basis of this analysis, the research question is: Is there any correlation between EFL proficiency and CTS in reading. The result shows that the correlation coefficient is 0.718 meaning that there is a significant correlation between EFL proficiency and CTS in reading. The pedagogical implication is that the Critical Thinking Skills in Reading can be taught in the classroom to increase EFL proficiency

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