Journal Publication Info

In this post, we will explain the process on journal publication.

Normally once conference has ended, publication committee will collect all related documents such as Final Manuscript in WORD file, copyright form, authors information, reviewers information and etc in order to submit to the Publisher. On average, it takes about one month to complete as “things not always straight forwarded”. The reason were because:

  1. Author submitted wrong file (Final Manuscript or copyright), and we need to contact back the author
  2. Payment is still unpaid – we need to wait all payment to be settled by authors before sending all documents. We will wait as the authors promised to pay for the conference fee and thus dragging all authors who have paid earlier to also wait all pending authors to settle their payment.
  3. Exceed total pages allowed – Need to contact the author to reduce their paper total pages OR pay for additional page fee.
  4. Check for similarity score and contact again the author to modify their paper (depend on publisher – some publisher will do it instead of us)

Next, once all has been settled, we will proceed to submit all documents either by courier (some journals publisher required hardcopy evidence).

Now, once it reached the publisher office, it will queue up with other organizers. Not to mention that:

Number of organizers IS NOT EQUAL number of publisher.

The numbers of publisher every year is always LESS than the number of conferences/organizers.

Every year, the delay will become bigger and bigger.

One publisher might get more than 10-20 organizers submitted to them every year. Some more than 20, or 50. Depending on how popular the publisher in the journal research area/theme.

In MALTESAS, we have putting some wordings into Terms and Conditions that it might takes 9-15 months to be published OR more than 15 months if the queue is getting bigger than previous year.

This is the reason why MALTESAS come out with MIRJO, our multidisciplinary journal that hopefully will get their SCOPUS status by 2018/2019.

You can always support us by submitting original document/article to our MIRJO.

Visit and click MIRJO for more details.