1. Download <JEMP PUBLICATION STATUS AS 25.07.2019.xlsx> for publication details in JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC & MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES (JEMP, eISSN: 2523-5338)
  2. Summary
      • Total Submitted – 201 papers
      • Total in Publication Queue – 201 papers
      • Conference involved – INCULT’16, ITMAHUB’16, BIMASA’16
  3. Dear Respective Authors,
    We herein wish to clarify more details on publication delay of BIMASA, ITMAHUB and INCULT 2016 conference papers.
    In January 2017, all papers have been sent and set for publication into The Social Sciences, TSS journal (eISSN : 1993-6125). However, in February 2017, TSS has been delisted from Scopus-indexed journal. Some of the sent papers have been published in TSS. However, we managed to withdraw (without cost) the remaining papers before publication.
    Then, in April 2017, the remaining papers have been sent to another Scopus-indexed journal, International Journal of Economic Perspectives, IJEP (ISSN: 1307-1637) and have to wait for another long queue at Publisher’s side before publication. Unfortunately, IJEP also has been delisted from Scopus-indexed journal in January 2018.As we already sent and paid all papers to Publisher for publication purposes, it is with regret that we cannot withdraw all sent papers regardless of any situation as it has been enacted in their Policy. Through the same Publisher, the papers have been transferred to another journal, which is Journal of Economic & Management Perspectives, JEMP (eISSN: 2523-5338). However, the publication has to be postponed until Scopus finish the process of documentation. The journal is in the process of getting Scopus indexing and based on our conversation in April 2018 with one of Scopus Content staff, the process will take a few weeks before the journal is available in Scopus index.The wait is too long and there is no progress on the publication. In September 2018, we contacted again Scopus to get confirmation on journal’s Scopus index. Unfortunately, we have been told that journal’s Scopus index has been cancelled.Currently, publication process is being continued. Some of papers have been placed in June, March, September and December 2018 issues. Once the papers are ready from editing and English proof-reading process, their .pdf files will be available in the website ( contents)Please understand that as Conference Organizer, the discontinuation of any journal from SCOPUS indexing is beyond our control. However, we will try our best to ensure all papers will be published in the nearest future.Your patience and understanding are much appreciated and we look forward to your continued support in us.Thank you.
  4. Proof of conversation between MALTESAS and Elsevier regarding JEMP indexing in SCOPUS
    • Email conversation on 13 April 2018
    • Email conversation on 17 September 2018
  5.  Proof of Payment to JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC & MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES – Prof. Dr. Salih KATIRCIOGLU (Editor-in-Chief)