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Completed conference is a complete status but not yet publish paper

Terms and Conditions

Upon payment has been made (Payment Complete). Automatically the author(s) of corresponding paper will accepted and agreed to the Registration Terms and Conditions. Please be informed that all authors must follow Registration Terms and Conditions defined below. The services and these Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with MALTESAS rules. This Terms and Conditions are made and places into several sites and letters. In case of any discrepancies between the all those versions, the MALTESAS Official Conference Terms and Conditions version via official MALTESAS website shall prevail.

MALTESAS have fully right to modify and adjust the MALTESAS Official Conference Terms and Conditions from time to time WITHOUT notifying the author.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. MALTESAS has fully right to transfer or to change any paper/article to any other SCOPUS journal that seems fit for all conferences WITHOUT author consent. This is only applicable for Journal type publication. Organizer only look upon expert organization such as Elsevier (SCOPUS) or Thomson Reuters for indexing purpose where their list of journals were based on expert committee from multiple background of studies and also support from other universities and industries.
  2. Author must make sure that their article is written based on conference tracks. Organizer has right to cancel any article for the journal that has not meet the submission guideline with/without Author and co-author(s) consent. If the paper required a copyright, the copyright form must be signed and submitted/uploaded together with the paper. Otherwise, we wont entertain and accept the article even though the author has paid for the article and NO REFUND will be entertained.
  3. Author and co-author(s) understand perfectly that the publication of the journals/papers/book chapters will takes AT LEAST 9 – 15 months from the conference date. It can be higher than the mentioned dates (more than 15 months) if the queue for publication is long at the Publisher side.
  4. Each paper will only cater for One Author Registration. Other authors must pay as Participant Without Papers if the other author or other person want to come and access the conference session.
  5. No-Show (Did not come to the conference) Participant/Presenter cannot ask for any materials to be sent to the Author UNLESS with a certain fee (Email Conference Organizer). Minimum is RM200 (Malaysia)/ USD 50. However, the author may represented other person to get the conference material. Certificate cannot be given as the presenter did not present any work unless with an permission from the Organizer.
  6. Each paper will only get One Certificate. Extra certificate can be obtained through a certain fee based on the committee decision.
  7. Access to the Publisher database is not provided by Organizer. Author must use their institution subscription for the access. Author and co-author(s) has no right to ask Organizer for the copy. Hardcopy or softcopy version will never be provided by either Conference Organizer UNLESS the Publisher provided it for FREE ACCESS.
  8. For Hardcopy of Acceptance/Invoice/Receipt/Other Similar Letters or Certificates that is requested to send to specific address will be charged for RM100 (Malaysia) and USD 50 (Outside Malaysia). These Fee is for Save The Environment + Postage Charges.

All terms and conditions will be applied automatically once payment has been made.

All Terms and Conditions will be changed from times to times based on Organizer decision and all authors are bound to any changes WITHOUT notifying the author.